Lakeland Bakery – quietly leading the field.

Lakeland BakeryAt our Lakeland Bakery premises we have been quietly perfecting our craft over many years.  We don’t jump up and down with excitement when we get awards for our products – we’re not like that.  Yes, it’s nice to be acknowledged as Masters of the Craft of Baking, but we quietly file the certificates away with all the others and we get back to work, doing what we do best – baking and supplying quality products.


We listen to our customers and that is why we were among the fore runners in the organic movement, consumer tastes have developed further and now we have extended our  markets into Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Yeast Free niches.  Medicine is now able to, more accurately and quickly, diagnose conditions which demand a particular diet.


A number of years ago this diagnosis would lead to anxiety about how to obtain certain foods – invariably the products flavour was impaired by removal of components – to then be masked by extra fats or sugars.  The food industry were slow to react to this trend and when the food scientists became involved, things started to move – slowly.  Have you ever noticed how slowly large businesses react to changes in market trends – whereas the smaller business can change tack more quickly – to take this advantage, and get ahead of the curve.


Purity, quality, taste and value 

We rigorously investigate every aspect of our products and when we put our seal of approval on them, there is an assurance of purity, quality, taste andLakeland Bakery value.


In addition to our specialist ranges, we also have products that will appeal to other customers.  Our Premium Range brings a touch of quality and luxury.


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Now you can have that ‘just baked’ taste in your home….

The advent of the Internet changed things and people were able to access information and products more easily – we then developed our market and now we have an internet presence and ecommerce facility.  We supply high quality products via the post, in quantities specified by the customer,  in order that they can bake perfect products, at home.


Lakeland Bakery


We also supply finished products, securely packaged, for safe transport to your home.  We also take orders for Lakeland Bakerycakes for special occasions – these can even be baked gluten free, if required.



  • Lakeland Bakery Spelt Scone

Our mantra at Lakeland Bakery is “Beautifully simple – simply beautiful” – that says it all.


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